SHLURP! Soup Bar opened in Manchester's business district in December 2002 and since that time has been providing high quality, freshly prepared "fast" food daily. Our emphasis is on fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients delivered before 7am each morning - prepared, cooked and sold that day. Because our range of soups, stews, casseroles, salads, sandwiches and one pot meals are fresh daily, we have no need of preservatives, stabilisers, emulsifiers, chemicals or additives and therefore you can rest assured that the ingredients you are eating are 100% pure and natural.  SHLURP! believes that old fashioned, slow cooking of quality ingredients equals not only great food but healthy eating.  With that premise, our menus have to change continuously to bring you the best of seasonal produce. If you would like to receive regular updates of our menus each time we change - please email us and we shall add you to our list.

The majority of our customers take away, although we do have facilities for people to eat on the premises. Our packaging is re-cycled and bio-degradable wherever possible. 

Our way of cooking is labour intensive and we believe this is what makes the difference. We would rather pay our staff to freshly grate blocks of whole parmesan cheese than purchase powdered cheese.  Good quality, well cooked food can't be cheap but it is affordable and does compare favourably with most high street sandwich bars. (£1.30 - £3.75)
Unit 2, Brazennose House East Brazennose Street Manchester, M2 5BP
7:30–15:00 Mon to Fri